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We offer a full range of legal services

legal services


Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined litigation experience and have successfully litigated cases to judges and juries.  If you have been sued or need to initiate litigation to protect your rights, our attorneys can guide you through the process.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys will assist in establishing an estate plan that is practical for your needs. We guide you to ensure the peace of mind that comes with a properly executed estate plan.

Criminal Law

With decades of combined experience in misdemeanor and felony defense, including DUIs, our attorneys will assure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Family Law

We have the experience necessary to successfully navigate domestic actions such as divorce, paternity, custody, enforcement, child support and modification actions.

Real Estate

Our attorneys are experienced in the purchase (preparing Real Estate Purchase Contracts), the sale, and litigation, including title issues, related to, real property. 


Don't let the complexities of Utah's landlord/tenant laws sink your case.  Our attorneys have the experience to affordably and rapidly resolve landlord/tenant disputes.


The probate process can be complicated and difficult to navigate at a time when you may be grieving the loss of a loved one.  Our attorneys guide you through the process and help resolve any probate disputes.

Business organization

With years of practical business experience, our attorneys will assist you in starting and organizing a business in Utah.

Business Litigation

Each business is unique. From contracts to partnership disputes, we have the ability to understand your situation and present creative options for resolving business conflicts.


With decades of practical and legal experience in the construction industry, our attorneys will assist with contract formation, negotiation, and litigation, including protecting contractor's legal rights through the recording of construction service liens (f.k.a. mechanic's liens).


Collecting money from people or businesses that refuse to pay is frustrating. We offer a variety of collection tools designed to quickly get you paid.


Appeals require mastery of the facts and law, as well as exceptional oral and written advocacy.  Don’t entrust you appeal to inexperienced counsel we offer the experience and expertise you need.